Kid, You've Gotta
Grow Up Someday

Multi-Channel Acousmatic Work

2018 Auckland, New Zealand

Originally composed for 8+ multi-channel surround speakers, you can find a binaural version for headphones below.

As the title suggests, this work is about growing up. At the time I wrote this I was thinking about how I had become an adult, almost suddenly, and I wondered about what it meant to let go of being a kid.

Littered throughout the piece are sounds that remind me of being a child; toy trains, cartoon sound effects and nursery rhymes. These symbolic sounds come and go around the main voice(s) narrating the work, speaking about things that belong to the adult world.

Each voice –coming from all different directions– tells a different story of childhood. They talk of what they wanted to do when they got older, things that they wish their parents knew, favorite seasons, and the color of the house they grew up in. On one hand I cherish these voices because they remind me of experiences that shaped who I am today. But they also move beyond my individual experience and into those of the people closest to me. In the end it would seem that there are many shared experiences of growing up and they have the ability to connect us.