Island Univseses

Dancer and Motion Tracking

2017 Auckland, New Zealand

For all the observable matter in our universe we only know of 5% of what exists. The remainder is thought to be made up of Dark Matter; a substance that neither absorbs or emits light, behaves in irregular ways with normal matter, and has never been directly observed by humans. However, while Dark Matter is extremely hard to measure, it is presumed to hold the role of binding whole universes together.

Island Universes is an exploration of these unseen forces that shape and hold our world together. While these forces may not allow us to gaze upon their form, they make their presence felt through indirect senses. In a similar way sound acts as an unseen force occupying the space around us. While we cannot see the sound, we are aware of how it can act on the physical world we inhabit, and perhaps more importantly, we understand how these sounds can be felt in a human way.

Conceptually, this work re-imagines the concert hall as a responsive instrument; it’s physical dimensions transformed into an unseen landscape of harmony and dissonance, noise and texture. This instrument is activated by a human body, it’s rhythms, gestures and sonic capabilities must be explored and navigated, in real time, by physical movement. In this piece, the unseen forces are characterized by the invisible world of a child that drives curiosity and discovery, made up of xylophones and rattles; juxtaposed against rhythmic, dark and grinding sounds that hint at the pressure and unforgiving nature of society.