Island Univseses

Dancer and Motion Tracking
New Zealand, 2017

Island Universes was inspired by the concept of Dark Matter, a hypothetical form of matter in the field of Astronomy that could hold a role in binding our universe together. While we aren't able to observe Dark Matter directly, its presence can still act on our world.

In a similar way, sound acts as an unseen force occupying the space around us. While we cannot see sound, we are aware of how it can affect the physical world, and perhaps more importantly, we understand how these sounds can be felt in a human way.

Using motion trackers and live-electronic sound, this work re-imagines the concert hall as a responsive instrument; it’s physical dimensions transformed into an unseen landscape of harmony and dissonance, noise and texture. The dancer can activate the space and create sounds by moving their body within the tracking field. With a completely wireless setup, the dancer can play with the sonic landscape in real-time, free to explore the connection between gesture and sound.