Audio-Visual Fixed Media Work
Auckland, New Zealand 2020

Six pairs of hands flow through a series of gestures: bent fingers form a gun, hands clench into a fist, palms open face up, and hands clasp together. These familiar gestures form and release to the steady pulse of synthesised tones.

In small increments over time, the hands begin to morph, reforming into long extended arms, or duplicate appendages. Eventually, the sound of hands clapping punctuates the moving images. However, while the sound and image obviously relate to one another, the clapping never actually aligns with what you see on screen.

As I was creating this work, I thought about the saying, "What we do and what we say, don't always line up."

This piece was built as a generative work where the video and audio morph endlessly to form new images. You can see a short extract on the right.