Audio-Visual Fixed Media Work

2020 Auckland, New Zealand.

In this work six pairs of hands flow through a series of gestures: bent fingers form a gun, hands clench into a fist, palms open face up, and hands clasp together. These familiar shapes form and release to the steady pulse of synthesised tones.

Over time the images fracture by small increments and each image is displaced in different directions. This movement causes the recognisable images of hands to reform into long extended arms, or duplicate appendages. Finally, the sound of (hands) clapping plays over the tide of morphing limbs, producing a disconnect between what you hear and what you expect to see.

This work is a contemplation of a few thoughts. First, the responsibility of my own actions with the idea that you have a choice in what you choose to do, to create, to protect, or to protest. As a human that's a part of a collective, it's also a contemplation of the actions of people around me. Last, it's an observation of actions that don't align with rhetoric. While we talk of the many issues that we face, what are we doing to resolve them?