slip of the tongue (2019)

For recorder and electronics
The Audio Foundation
Zeitgeist Concert (2019)
Duration: 7.00”

Central to this piece is the inability to communicate with somebody you care for alongside the frustration and anxiety that comes along with words said in haste, or perhaps a ‘slip of the tongue’. Throughout the work the electronic material tails the instrument with vocal humming, whispers, and human utterances – while the instrumental material in its own way attempts to reflect the human voice with its rhythmic and frantic sentences. Together the electronics and recorder share in a struggle for their voice to be heard.

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Zaar Breathes the air around you (2018)

For dancer and electronics
Karlheinz Company 125 Years
Surage Concert (2019)
Duration: 8.10”

This work builds upon pioneering research into using visual reality movement tracking systems for art making purposes. By utilizing the powerful capability of this movement tracking system in live-performance, a new kind of responsive work was created that allowed a dancer to make her own body a musical instrument. In this piece small gestures such as stroking her hair are reminiscent of running your hand through a sink of water. While at its peak, wide sweeping body movements turn the concert hall into a wild landscape of ocean waves.

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Kid, You’ve Gotta Grow Up Someday (2018)

For 8-Channel Speakers
1st Place Winner of the
Douglas Lilburn Composition
Prize Concert (2018)
Duration: 6.35”

The story of our childhood is a navigation of the marvelous and exciting, through a period where our imaginations ruled, and the boundaries were limitless. At the same time, our experiences of growing up held many moments of pain, heartache, trepidation and longing. Experiences that would over time creep into who we are and how we saw the world around us. Nostalgia, memories of childhood and the journey of growing up, are the ideas which feed into this work. Pinned throughout it are cartoon sound effects, toy trains, nursery rhymes and playful gestures, while at its foundation the human voice carries a far deeper narrative.

Te Hononga (2017)

Soundtrack for dance production
Premiered in New Zealand,
Second performance in Switzerland (2017)
Duration: 60 mins

A collaborative project with international choreographer/dancer Johanna Claus. For this project I composed, recorded, edited and produced the entire soundtrack for the work ‘Te Hononga’ (New Zealand) and ‘Flussgeflüsster – Gardienne de la rivière’(Swiss Version). In this site specific production, participants downloaded a 30min soundtrack that they listened to as they were led on a guided walk containing intermittent dance performances. It was performed twice, once in Auckland New Zealand and subsequently in Switzerland 2017.


Leah (2016)

Installation sound design
Exhibited at Gus Fisher Gallery
‘ALTER: Between Human and Non-Human’
Duration: Interactive, Looped
Dimensions: Variable

LEAH: an “Autonomous Computational Animation”, a work by New Zealand Curator and Artist Deborah Lawler-Dormer. To accompany this gallery installation, Deborah commissioned an interactive sound profile. Using Max MSP software, I designed and implemented an interactive system that produced a heartbeat sound when viewers approached the artwork. The heartbeat would speed up as you approached, and slow down to a resting pace as you left.