Garling Wu is an award-winning composer from New Zealand who works with sound in various formats. Her approach to writing music is playful and she loves to experiment with all kinds of computer technology. At the heart of her music however, it is the performer and the listener that she likes to keep central to the work. In the past she has created a sound installation out of a fish tank; hacked VR systems to create musical instruments with the body; designed a soundtrack for a large roaming sound walk/performance; and written music for intimate 8 channel listening. Using these forms she explores narrative and story-telling, finding value in weaving together referential and imagined sound worlds.

Garling’s compositions have twice been awarded 2nd place at the national Douglas Lilburn Composition Prize concert, and in 2018 was awarded the prestigious 1st place. In the same year she was invited to present her pioneering performance piece for dancer and live body tracking at the International Computer Music Festival in South Korea. Since then her work has been programmed in the national Karlheinz Company concert, and recently in the 2020 Fluid Borders multidisciplinary arts program. In 2019 Garling was selected for the IRCAM Manifeste Académie for electroacoustic music in Paris, and in 2020 was chosen for an international sound art residency at the Pier-2 Art Center in Taiwan. Her work has been performed in Switzerland, Germany, South Korea and New Zealand, with continued collaboration at an international level.